How to Keep Your Vitamin D Levels High During Cold Season

How to Keep Your Vitamin D Levels High During Cold Season

Throughout the spring and summer months, we're able to generate our vitamin D through sun exposure. Unfortunately, these levels don't last through the autumn and winter months and tend to get lower due to many factors, such as clothing, dietary deficiency, and decreased skin synthesis due to ageing and latitude. Hence, people living in Nordic countries are especially at high risk for vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.

Vitamin D is vital to our health since it regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for normal bone mineralization, contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and muscle function, contributes to the normal immune system functioning, helping us to fight off invading viruses and other pathogens.


How much vitamin D do we need?

The recommended daily intake for vitamin D is 5 μg or 200 IU for children and adults (according to Danish Fødevarestyrelsen). However, older people of age 70 and over are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency and musculoskeletal disorders, therefore the RDI can be higher in those age groups.

*Please speak with your healthcare provider before consuming more than the recommended daily allowance.

How do we get it?

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because it is produced in the skin after sun exposure. Fortunately, even during the colder months, people can get the optimal amount of vitamin D by eating foods rich in vitamin D, such as oily fish (mackerel, tuna, and sardines), eggs, mushrooms, fortified dairy products and non-dairy substitutes.

Should we take supplements?

Although our bodies get vitamin D from a healthy balanced diet that includes foods like oily fish, eggs, meat and dairy products, and fortified foods, it might still be difficult to meet vitamin D requirements just through the diet alone, so it is recommended to consider vitamin D supplementation along with a balanced diet.

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