8 Effective Ways to Minimise Your Wrinkles!

8 Effective Ways to Minimise Your Wrinkles!

Are you worried about fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, the appearance of the visible lines that we start noticing in the mid-20s is an inevitable part of the normal ageing process. Our skin is becoming thinner and drier and loses some of its youthful fullness, which is totally normal! Although it can be challenging to reverse the appearance of wrinkles once you have them without medical or surgical intervention, there are certain things you can do to slow the effects that early ageing has on your skin!

From wearing sunscreen protection to increasing your intake of certain nutrients, you can help postpone wrinkle appearance just by turning these ten tips into healthy habits!

In this article, we will review ten evidence-backed effective ways to slow the signs of early ageing and help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful!


1. Try Facial Massage!

Facial massage is a highly effective and easy method that helps to improve the appearance of your skin and delay early signs of ageing!

It relaxes stiff facial muscles, improves blood and lymph flow – helping to promote tissue drainage, improve blood circulation and betters skin elasticity. A (2016) study discovered that facial massage reduced the appearance of mimic lines and signs of ageing around the eyelids and cheeks in 12 middle-aged women. 


2. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on one of your sides can lead to wrinkles on your cheeks, known as (nasolabial folds) and chin. The so-called "sleep lines" are wrinkles that appear due to repeatedly pressing our face into a pillow or other solid surface while we sleep. To avoid that, try to practice sleeping on your back and consider swapping out your pillowcase, choosing soft and natural materials, such as silk or satin.


3. Avoid Overwashing Your Face!

Exfoliators, and skin cleansers, such as foams and gels, strip skin of moisture and natural oils that protect against wrinkles. Don't wash your face too often a day because you wash away your natural protection, resulting in dry, itchy skin that is prone to wrinkles. Use a cleansing product only as recommended by instructions, giving preference to dermatologically approved products that will help to preserve the skin's moisture barrier and maintain normal skin Ph.


4. Use Vitamin C Enriched Serums and Creams

Several studies have found that creams and serums enriched with vitamin C can stimulate collagen synthesis in your skin, protect against oxidative damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, and reduce the appearance of redness, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Remember to use skin products with the right type of vitamin C, such as L-ascorbic acid may be the most effective for reducing wrinkles.


5. Eat More Oily Fish!

Oily fish contains a high level of omega 3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids needed for sustaining overall health. In addition to their powerful health benefits, omega 3 fats can benefit your skin in a number of ways, such as reducing premature ageing signs by improving your skin's ability to retain water by enhancing its barrier function, can regulate skin's oil production and providing balanced hydration from the inside, keeping your skin soft, moisturized and supple.


6. Boost Your Vitamin E Intake

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals and reduces the risk of oxidative stress, one of the major factors linked to early ageing. Although there is no solid scientific base to support the linkage between reduced wrinkle appearance and increased vitamin E intake, this nutrient is well-known for its protective properties against UV radiation, moisturizing and healing effects that can help protect your skin's moisture barrier, decrease redness, brighten and even skin complexion.


7. Drink Enough Water!

While it is not quite clear how drinking water affects skin hydration in healthy people, due to a lack of research that specifically looks at this connection, drinking enough water is important for sustaining overall health since it is needed for healthy metabolism, body temperature regulation, digestion, nutrient absorption, and other functions. Nevertheless, water helps flush out harmful toxins from the body, which can improve skin appearance and keep it healthy.


8. Avoid Smoking

Smoking can speed up the normal ageing process of your skin, dramatically increase the appearance of wrinkles on your face, resulting in dry skin, and even increase the risk of skin cancer. An enzyme in cigarettes breaks down collagen and elastin, two important proteins found in the skin that keep the skin firm, supple and youthful-looking.


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